What is a Virus and How to Remove it!
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What is a Virus?
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Virus is a computer program designed to copy itself into other programs, with the intention of causing mischief or damage. A virus will usually execute when it is loaded into a computer's memory. On execution, it instructs its host program to copy the viral code into any number of other programs and files stored in the computer. The corrupted programs may continue to perform their intended functions while also executing the virus's instructions, thus further propagating it. The infection may transfer itself to other computers through storage devices, computer networks, and on-line systems. A harmless virus may simply cause a cryptic message to appear when the computer is turned on; a more damaging virus can destroy valuable data. Antivirus software maybe used to detect and remove viruses from a computer, but the software must be updated frequently for protection against new viruses.

Spywares are computer also programs that are written to capture sensitive information from the computer and send it to the attacker. Some viruses are spyware in the sense they can replicate themselves on computers to track sensitive information such as Credit Card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank accounts, passwords and so on.

There are many software that remove a simple virus or spyware, however some virus and spyware require high level of expertise to be completely removed from the computer. This requires special software and intercut knowledge of the computer’s Operation Systems.

Be aware, of claims to remove viruses and spywares from your computer, many computer centers offer toremove viruses from your computer, most of these centers run a quick virus scan using one anti-virus software tool, hoping to catch and remove few of the many viruses and spywares. At The PC Rescue, we thoroughly scan your systems using more than five different anti-virus scanners. We also check to make all system functions are performing adequately using state of the art technology tools. Some of these tools are developed using our Microsoft Certified Professional and Engineer.

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Hyperlink TM uses state of the art technologies to allow our certified engineer to diagnose and fix your computer remotely. This means you do not have to fight traffic and bring your computer to our repair center. Using Remote Support we can fix your computer any where in the United States, as long as your computer can connect to internet.

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